MAT Lingerie Summer 09

MAT lingerie company has been operating since 1995. During these years they have managed to get respect of their customers both at the home and a foreign countries. The designers have been constantly scrutinising current fashion trends at the lingerie market. This fact has been confirmed by a growing interest in their products and receipt of IQNET Certificate and Quality System Certificate ISO PN-EN 9001-200.
The products are proposals addressed to a woman who is both romantic and frivolous, brave and elegant and not afraid to expose her beauty.
They care about the high level of comfort of all their products. Beautiful embroideres, guipure, and laces combined with the perfect design and precise tracking of fashion trends have allowed them to create models that perfectly emphasise womanhood of each customers.

M-955-1 Fs-955-4 Glamour

M-959-1 Fs-959-4 Delicate

M-961-1 Fs-965-4 Crystal

M-965-11 Fs-965-4 Grace

M-991-1 Fs-991-4 Inspiration

M-992-1 Fs-992-4 Lovely

M-994-1 Fs-994-4

M-1020-1 Fs-1020-4 Daring

M-1018-1 Fs-1018-41 Classical

M-1027-1 Fs-1027

M-1028-1 Fs-1028-4 Finesse

M-1038-1 Fs-1038-4 Sunny


MAT lingerie Summer 09 (II)

G-892-9 Fs-892-4 Juliet

G-922-9 Fs-922-41 Romance

M-861-1 Fs-861-5 Theo

M-861-21 Fs-861-4 Theo

M-862-1 Fs-862-4 Ralph

M-862-2 F-862-51 Ralph

M-863-2 F-863-51 Cindy

M-872-2 Fs-872-41 Nathaniel

M-892-1 Fs-892-41 Juliet

M-894-12 Fs-894-4 Carla

M-911-11 Fs-911-4 Charlotte

M-918-12 Fs-918-41 Jacqueline

M-918-21 F-918-51 Jacqueline

M-922-1 Fs-922-4 Romance

M-924-11 Fs-924-4 Harriet

M-930-1 Sz-930-6 Penelope

M-936-1 Fs-936-4 Scarlett

M-937-1 Fs-937-4 Pw-937-10 Francesca